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Harshit Joshi

CA Harshit Joshi (CA, B.Com) is a certified Chartered Accountant. He has vast knowledge and expertise in Tax (Direct & Indirect) with Individuals, Large, medium, and small companies return filings. He is skilled in designing and implementing effective Audit plans (Statutory & Internal) and also takes active participation in the same along with being highly meticulous in his work. He manages and indulges in knowledge-sharing events and Tax planning and provides excellent consultancy services on various other corporate issues. In his free and personal time, he could be found enjoying his favourite sport, that is, cricket, but on most occasions he prefers to keep himself occupied with work.

Neel Shah

CA Neel Shah (CA, B.Com) is a certified Chartered Accountant with over 5 years of experience. He identifies and curates technical website content as he has a comprehensive understanding in Tax Audit, preparation, working calculations and filings. He is a dynamic and an energetic individual who actively develops plans, implements them and participates in as well as handles Statutory Audit & Finalization of accounts. He is a rigorous perfectionist and works effectively across the organization with stakeholders, change management, service teams and others in perfect harmony. In his free and personal time CA Neel Shah could be found solving Sudoku puzzles or reading books.

Riddhi Solanki

Riddhi Solanki (, semi qualified CA & in Final year) has over 4 years of experience, Article-ship inclusive. She is proficient in Audit (Statutory and Internal) as well as Tax (Direct & Indirect) as well. She loves to be systematic, accurate and attentive towards her work and takes every task with a head-on attitude. She works in an efficacious manner with various stakeholders, trainers, curriculum developers and subject matter experts to develop new and existing products. In her free and personal time, she could be found indulging in classical dance & music.

Bansi Patel

Bansi Patel is very experienced, well-equipped and has great expertise in the field of Audit (Statutory & Internal) and Tax (Direct and Indirect) for over 13 years. She manages client accounts, constantly building, maintaining and improving a very strong and Professional relationship with them. She plays the role of an influencer and motivator towards the existing clients. She is first point of contact as well as a mediator between the client and senior professionals of the company as she helps build strong client relationships. She is self- driven, disciplined and highly detail oriented. In her free time, she could be found meditating or listening to her favourite music.

Pavan Bommera

Pavan Bommera is highly skilled in the field of Audit and Tax, furnished with all its technical details. He is very proactive, self-driven, professionally-positive and resourceful. He works in close collaboration with clients and service teams through regular interactions. He is responsible for developing and managing client base and also performs lead generation. He could be defined as a person who is prompt, brief, and yet to the point with all the answers. He works closely with his colleagues to ensure all best practices are shared and implemented while also being responsible for new recruits and their training. In his free time, he could found reading and updating his knowledge.

Parva Shah

Parva Shah is a part of our Executive team and is very dynamic. He loves approaching work with a clear, positive mind-set. Along with this, he takes active participation and also works with the marketing team to help in effective implementation of marketing strategies. He is responsible for actively identifying, conducting and evaluating new techniques for lead generation and data collections. One could also find him preparing bank summaries. In his free time Parva enjoys, socializing, creating videos and browsing through social media.

Poonam Parmar

Poonam Parmar has over 6 years of experience in Accountancy & Audit. She has extensive and indispensible knowledge in Tax computation and its filing, being very detail oriented with the same. She is enthusiastic, diligent and has excellent time management skills. Along with this, she is also part of our Marketing team and her indispensible knowledge helps in designing a thorough and more comprehensive approach towards visual social media marketing sites. She is responsible for developing, managing and executing market strategies as while monitoring the company’s marketing infrastructure. In her free and personal time she could be found indulging in drawing, painting or travelling.

Shweta Sakpal

Shweta Sakpal (B.Com) is very Knowledgeable and competent in GST, Advance Tax, TDS and more. She is self-motivated and loves taking tasks with responsibility. In her free time she could be found cooking, drawing and sometimes travelling.

Payal Verma

Payal Verma (BMS-Finance) is a CA aspirant and is doing her articles. She loves updating herself with new skills and constant learning. In her free time she loves to paint or explore new places.

Keyur Dave

Keyur Dave (B.Com) is part of the support staff and has experience in GST filing and accounts. In his free time, he could be found singing his favourite songs or playing cricket.

Khusbhoo Sanghavi

Khusbhoo Sanghavi is part of the accounts team and support staff. She is very prompt with responses, up-to-date and very approachable. In her free time, she could be found jamming to her favourite music.

Nisha Kare

Nisha Kare (MCS) is Senior PHP Developer with 5 Years of experience in ERP/CRM,Accounting development.She loves updating herself with new skills and learning.In free time she loves to drawing,cooking and sometimes travelling.

Anagha Satpute

Anagha Satpute (MCS) is part of development team and has experience in ERP/CRM development.She is self motivated and loves taking tasks with responsibility.In her free time,she could be found travelling,trekking and playing chess.

Priti Barapatre

Priti Barapatre ( in Computer Science) is a technical consultant having 3+ years of experience in web developments in PHP and working on ERP/CRM/HRMS. She loves updating new skills and exploring the world with new technologies .Also like cooking/travelling during free time.